"Irish Tradition... Kentucky Heritage... Tennessee Spirit."

     Pioneer, statesman, and defender of freedom,

David Crockett and his family lived a few years in Lawrence County, Tennessee. The great flood of 1821 washed his mill and distillery away; it was never rebuilt. Gobbler Springs Distillery operates the first legal still in the county since that time. In honor of Crockett, our made-from-scratch moonshine has earned the name - 1821 Sweet Mash Shine.

     Our Sweet Mash Shine employs the same ingredients as our whiskey, but it skips the aging process. This results in an incredibly smooth, easy-to-drink clear spirit that is imparted with the flavors of corn and wheat, and blended with the clean, pure water drawn from the property.

"The smoothest moonshine I've ever tasted."– Tonya

1821 Sweet Mash 'Shine