"Irish Tradition... Kentucky Heritage... Tennessee Spirit."

     Sweet Mash Whiskey simply means that we use fresh ingredients from start to finish. Our ingredients are pretty simple - corn, wheat, yeast, and water. The mash bill, or recipe, for all of our spirits is always the same - 80% corn and 20% wheat. We think that's important for a smooth, crisp flavor.

     We’ve dedicated ourselves to distilling a Sweet Mash Whiskey that respects the process and traditions that have long been used in Lawrence County, Tennessee. By using locally sourced grains, charred white oak, and pure water drawn from the Gobbler Springs property, we’ve crafted a Sweet Mash Whiskey that is full of character with a distinct flavor profile that directly reflects the land on which it was produced.

"The best whiskey I've ever tasted from a new distillery."– Bob Henry

Sweet Mash Whiskey